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Keyholding: Why does your business need it?

Businesses throughout the UK are fitted with advanced alarm based systems intended to keep intruders at bay. But who has to respond to alarm activations in the middle of the night?

GMS Security Services Ltd offers business owners and caretakers a dedicated Keyholding service for just £1.00 per day. As the local registered SIA ACS service provider throughout Bromsgrove and the largest independent manned guarding company in the area, businesses can be assured that their keys are in the safest hands.

Signing up to the GMS Keyholding service entitles businesses to an SIA Licensed officer attending all alarm activations, who ensures business operation is maintained with minimal disruption. Should you be entering a hostile environment upon alarm activation, the risk will be managed by one of GMS’s trained professionals, with business owners only being disturbed if absolutely necessary. Full internal and external patrols and checks will either re-secure your property or alert and liaise with a keyholder or the emergency services.

GMS always endeavours to use the latest technology throughout their operational systems. When signing up to the Keyholding service, companies can benefit from full audit trails which utilise car tracking and NFC (GOSYS) technology. Real-time reporting is utilised through the Keyholding service through use of advanced technology. These key technological advancements offer a more stringent security process and will be essential should a breach take place at your property.

GMS’s Keyholding partner SmartWater uses a unique forensic code to deter would-be thieves. The signage used on GMS and SmartWater protected properties acts as an active deterrent by up to a third more than CCTV systems, burglar alarms and other home security methods. SmartWater is the UK’s number one crime deterrent with 100% conviction rate in criminal cases where SmartWater is used.

Through employing GMS as your Keyholding partner your business could see a reduction in Insurance Premiums, ultimately saving you money to make your business more secure.

If you would like to discuss the GMS Keyholding service or our support services, please contact Lina Hayward-Hojaij by calling 01527 889180 or emailing L.Hayward-Hojaij@gms-group.com

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Keyholding: Why does your business need it?
Businesses throughout the UK are fitted ...
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