GMS Residential Services

GMS Residential, part of the GMS Group can guide you on how to adequately protect your family home, property investments and assets.

Bringing expertise from the commercial sector, our team can advise you on the latest technologies available to keep your loved ones, residential properties and belongings secure.

We can initially carry out an in-depth security review at your property to evaluate all aspects of your home security. As well as recommending improvements to your physical security such as locks, intruder alarm, CCTV, secure key storage, intercom systems, forensic marking, safes and other security technologies, we can give you practical advice on measures you can take as a family to deter criminals from your home.

We take into account the status and profile of those living at your premises as well as the amount of time the property is unoccupied, international travel, net worth and vulnerabilities of your specific circumstances. Our recommendations are therefore unique to your risk profile.

We can help you implement our recommendations using a combination of services we deliver in-house or specialist services implemented via our trusted partners.

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