We all want to protect our homes and the many valuable possessions we have worked hard for. If your lifestyle means you are regularly travelling and away from home, ask yourself this – how effective is your home security from ALL threats that are out there today?

It is no longer enough to secure just the physical access to your home. Our homes are now smart – with the latest devices and systems accessible remotely over the internet.  We now manage every aspect of modern living online. However this brings a new level of threat to your hard-earned assets.

When is the last time your property had a home security review? Do you think you even need one?

For the ultimate protection of your property and assets – have them checked, evaluated and managed by GMS Security Services Ltd.

Here are a couple of reasons why…

Our comprehensive home security survey will evaluate every aspect of your home

Looking at the physical weaknesses in your property is no longer enough. Our review will examine physical, technical AND cyber security threats to your property. In addition to this we also review local crime data for your area and will identify areas where extra defences are needed. Backed by 20 years experience in the security industry GMS Security will …

…Conduct a physical home security survey…

This survey will cover your property, grounds and perimeter and will create a detailed report identifying any risks or vulnerabilities to your residence.

…combined with a full internal security survey

Going deeper than a visual inspection – we conduct a full survey on the many technical and cyber weaknesses that now exist with many modern systems and devices. This will identify potential threats to your home via technology intrusions and identify valuable assets for protection.

What happens after the Home Security survey?

We will provide you with a detailed report of all findings to give you a full picture of your security needs. This will include:

  • Existing good practices
  • Suggestions for additional security enhancements
  • Crime prevention measures you might want to consider
  • Designated account manager to complete your report and feedback key action points and recommendations

Our home security reviews are conducted by our team of fully SIA accredited and level 4 Managing Security Survey qualified professionals.

Trust the experts to keep your home secure

GMS Security can then work with you to put in place a tailored home security package that not only addresses the weaknesses identified but keeps your property secure going forward. Our highly experienced security personnel can be onsite when you are away, and make sure your home continues to be safe and ready for you when you return with no nasty surprises.

How do I get a Home Security Review?

Contact our specialist Home Security division to discuss how GMS can highlight your specific needs, click here for more information or

contact us using the form below.

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